Reporting Racial Profiling or Discourteous Treatment 

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The following information will help members of our community know what to do if they feel they’ve been racially profiled or not treated with courtesy by the San Diego Police Department. IMMEDIATE OPTIONS Confidential Hotline – (619) 531-2672 File a Complaint – Details on filing click HERE. IMPORTANT – INFORMATION YOU NEED FOR A REPORT NOTE: You do NOT have to give your name if you do not want to! To help investigate, please provide:

  • The location of the incident (example: address, nearest cross streets, store name and street, etc.)
  • Date & Approximate Time of Incident
  • SDPD Officer or Employee Name & Badge Number (if known)
  • Description of what happened

What is the Cititzens’ Review Board on Police Practices? The purpose of the Citizens’ Review Board on Police Practices is to empower an independent citizens group to assure the public that complaints against San Diego police officers are investigated thoroughly, completely, and fairly; and to recommend and advocate for policies which promote fair and human policing of the city. To visit the Board website for more information click HERE Contact Information for Citizens’ Review Board

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of San Diego & Imperial Counties The ACLU is also working to help ensure police practices match the zero tolerance policy that Chief Zimmerman has set for the Department.  Here is a form that the ACLU is using to help evaluate possible instances of misconduct and work to improve the issue. For more information from the ACLU, visit the website HERE.   Remember You don’t have to give you name if you don’t want to The Department is committed to eliminating any racial profiling or discourteous treatment You can and should report even if you don’t have the information above Visit the San Diego Police Department website HERE to receive crime and safety information in your community, find important telephone numbers, and stay current on the latest news.   If you would like help finding ways to volunteer in your community, please contact and we’ll help you connect to the many organizations making a difference across the San Diego region

Spanish Language Version

(visit San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association for more information in Spanish on what to report)